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Dear Valued Client,

Our society demands organizations to step up and accept the challenges of promoting education, diversity and social responsibility within the workplace and the communities in which they live. I have taken that challenge seriously to deliver cutting edge training programs that facilitate results in the workplace, community and prototype classrooms. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization or group.

Sherry Reece
Dynamic Network Results



About Us

DNR produces results by facilitating customized workshops. These customized workshops are designed to address your immediate needs and tailored to fit the size and type of your organization.

DNR facilitates these customized workshops using a variety of instructional tools to deliver the message such as interactive lesson plans, hands on training, role playing, take home assignments and mentoring programs.

The services provided can be outlined in 6 steps.

Step # 1

Contact DNR to set up a consultation appointment to assess your interest and needs.

Step # 2

Evaluate current organizational cultures and processes by soliciting staff and management input.

Step # 3

Design workshops and programs that will addess immediate needs.

Step # 4

Facilitate workshops.

Step # 5

Analyze evaluation.

Step # 6

Provide the organization with recommendations for improved processes and practices.



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